Zandona Magnetic Equitation Socks

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Zandona Magnetic Equitation Socks

The balance and wellness of the rider are fundamental for horse riding.
To this end, Zandonà, in collaboration with SPM™, developed the “MAGNETIC EQUITATION SOCKS”, the technical sock 100% Made in Italy with worldwide patent.

They are equipped with magnets specifically positioned to foster the blood and lymphatic circulation, facilitating a better blood spraying also in the stirrup’s area. Indeed, they prevent the foot from getting numb and help maintaining the musculature active, fostering the psysical foot’s wellness. The enhanced blood flow in the foot eliminates the muscle-ligament tension, allowing the balance muscles to work more accurately.

CIRCULATION: stimulates blood circulation for improved muscle performance;
BODY BALANCE: strenghten muscles for improved body balance;
THE ONLY ONE: the sole Magneto-Therapeutic socks for equitation in the world!


IMPORTANT NOTICE: NOT SUITABLE for pacemaker wearers